List of Bitcoin Scam Websites

Below is a list of websites which promise earning bitcoins but are scams as there are no real reviews of users being paid.

  • Bitminer.io : There is absolutely no proof that anyone has made bitcoins with bitminer.io


  • A big list of scamming websites is found at the address .
  • Basically any website asking you to pay bitcoins and promising double returns is a scam.
  • Any website asking you to download a plugin is basically going to steal your information like passwords etc. Beware of such websites/plugins
  • I have seen heaps of websites asking you to send a bitcoin and wait for some returns in future. DO NOT DO THAT. Once you send your money / bitcoin, its gone. There is no way they are going to send it back. You cannot go to anyone if such thing happens.
  • DO NOT PLACE YOUR WALLET ID on any online forum or facebook. Your wallet can be hacked if no 2 factor authentication.
  • Do yourself a favour, save your bitcoins rather than spending on bitcoin doubling machines.

If you want to report a scam website. Submit your report here

Scam Website to report

Earn Bitcoins Online

Hello people,

But below are a list of websites where you can make/earn bitcoins online in no order of preference:

  1. Cointasker

A service which pays bitcoins for watching ads, videos etc etc

The payout is really high, so you would have to have patience before you actually see some money.

2. Ads4BTC

A similar website to cointasker

3. CashClamber

An innovative and superb way to earn bitcoins. A website where you can play games and win bitcoins.

4. Bitcoinget

One of the most legitimate and verified method of earning bitcoins. I do have legitimate transactions from bitcoinget and can personally confirm this works. They have daily payouts which makes it even more attractive.

5. BtcClicks is yet another website which offers bitcoins for clicking ads.

BTCClicks.com Banner

6. An Android and iOS APP called Free Bitcoin pays in Satoshi. The earning process is really slow, basically you need to install apps based on advertisements.Only when you make 20000 satoshi the payouts are processed.

7. Earnfreebitcoins is another website which pays for visiting websites/ watching ads.