List of Bitcoin Scam Websites

Below is a list of websites which promise earning bitcoins but are scams as there are no real reviews of users being paid.

  • : There is absolutely no proof that anyone has made bitcoins with


  • A big list of scamming websites is found at the address .
  • Basically any website asking you to pay bitcoins and promising double returns is a scam.
  • Any website asking you to download a plugin is basically going to steal your information like passwords etc. Beware of such websites/plugins
  • I have seen heaps of websites asking you to send a bitcoin and wait for some returns in future. DO NOT DO THAT. Once you send your money / bitcoin, its gone. There is no way they are going to send it back. You cannot go to anyone if such thing happens.
  • DO NOT PLACE YOUR WALLET ID on any online forum or facebook. Your wallet can be hacked if no 2 factor authentication.
  • Do yourself a favour, save your bitcoins rather than spending on bitcoin doubling machines.

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