How to get bitcoin cash free with bitcoin

On August 1st 2017, there is going to be a new coin launched called Bitcoin Cash, also referred by its symbol $BCC or $BCH. Now, people who have bitcoins are entitled to free $BCC or $BCH as this new coin is nothing but a clone of the bitcoin with 8MB block size. There are heaps of other features this coin has which can be found online.

Now, how do i get BCC or BCH? There are various exchanges where you can claim your free BCC if you have bitcoin balance:

  1. Bitfinex : In a recent announcement, bitfinex has declared it will be giving away free bcc/bch for anyone having bitcoins in balance on their exchange. More info here
  2. ViaBTC: Another exchange where you can convert your bitcoins to btc and bcc. More info here
  3. Huobi: in a most recent update, huobi has volunteered that it will be giving away the free bcc or bch token for anyone holding bitcoins in their exchange.
  4. Bittrex:  Bittrex has also declared support for BCC. more info here
  5. Bithumb
  6. Hitbtc
  7. Okcoin
  8. Kraken: Latest addition to the list is kraken. More information here

There are other methods which are more complex for day to day users. Which involve more technical knowledge which i wont be discussing here.