Price forecast Numeraire or Price forecast NMR

NMR had a really good rally this weekend. Starting at 0.015 and going all the way up to 0.070. Thats an incredible rally in just 48 hours. Well, a lot of them made good money in this rally. Now, what after this?

Its not going to hit back to 0.070 immediately. You will have to wait for few more days or weeks until some volume builds up on this Coin.

The idea of NMR is quite interesting. If you read their white paper you will know the purpose of this coin. Their is some information on the wired website as well.

But what next from here?

If it breaks the 0.07 resistance is its next rally, its headed all the way to 0.1 atleast.

Now, when that would happen. We just need to wait and watch. Till then, buy cheap and keep accumulating.