Who revolutionised Bitcoin?

How many of us know Ross william ulbricht, i guess many of us wouldn’t know.

But how many of us know Satoshi Nakamoto? I guess most of the bitcoin users do. Apparently he is the person who invented the blockchain concept.

Ross William Ulbricht is the guy who revolutionised bitcoin. He is the first one to implement and put bitcoin to use by launching an online store called SilkRoad. A market place for buying and selling drugs.

Bitcoin was chosen as the means of transacting due to its partially anonymous nature.

But, the sad part, he is behind bars for being a revolutionary. That is mainly due to heaps of other charges against him. Read his wiki page to know more about him.

But, if today bitcoin is valuable, the credit goes to this guy Ross who actually showed the world how to put it to use. May be he didn’t choose the best way, but quite an entrepreneur mind he has.

Hope he gets some recognition for bringing bitcoin to this world.